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Argentina Hunting & Fishing Adventures

Argentina Dove Hunting

Dove Hunting

Dove Hunting in Cordoba:  Dove shooting in Cordoba rates as one of the finest bird shoots in the world, right along with driven partridges in Spain and driven pheasants in Denmark & Hungary.

Dove Hunting in Santa Fe:  Situated approximately 400 miles north Buenos Aires, the province of Santa Fe is a wingshooter's paradise. This is our only area in Argentina that provides both Dove and Duck Hunting while staying at the same hunting lodge.

Argentina Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting in Bahia Blanca: Our outfitter in Bahia Blanca can offer a combination of duck, geese, and even partridge hunts.

Duck Hunting in Buenos Aires:  The province of Buenos Aires offers the finest duck hunting in the world. The agriculture, combined with a large number of potholes, sloughs and marshes, make for extensive duck habitat.

Duck Hunting in Santa Fe:  A Duck Hunter's paradise.  Santa Fe's unique agriculture makes it home to many Argentinian Ducks including species such as Creston, Siriri, Silvador, Cuchara and Franciscano.

Argentina Goose Hunting Goose Hunting

Goose Hunting in Bahia Blanca offers some the finest goose hunting in the world. These hunts are known worldwide for the docility of these birds due to the “No Gun Pressure,” since there are no Argentinean geese hunters.
Argentina Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting

Top quality big game safaris in Argentina offering excellent red stag, very successful puma hunts as well as a large number of interesting species, such as blackbuck, water buffalo, axis stag, wild boar, peccary, capybara and brocket deer.  Argentina is the most well known big game hunting destination in South Amercia. 

Based on the season, we can also combine wingshooting with your Big Game Safari.

Argentina Fishing


Choose from the freshwater Dorado, Trout or both, the perfect combination to make this your dream trip.


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