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Argentina Big Game Hunting

For years, International Adventure has been arranging top quality big game safaris in Argentina, the most well known hunting destination in South America. The country has excellent red stag, very successful puma hunts as well as a large number of interesting species, such as blackbuck, water buffalo, axis stag, wild boar, peccary, capybara and brocket deer.

Based on the season, we can also combine wingshooting with your big game safari!

Red Stag


Red Stag Hunts

Red stag hunts in Argentina provide exceptional possibilities offering huge chances for a successful trip for both bow and rifle.



Puma Hunts

The pumas intelligence, stealth, and eagle vision make this hunt a frustrating but exhilarating experience.

Wild Boar


Wild Boar Hunts

One of Argentina’s top big game species, wild boar hunts provide a challenging and exhilarating hunt.

Black Buck


Black Buck Hunts

The Indian Blackbuck is considered to be the second fastest animal in the world next to the cheetah.

Water Buffalo


Water Buffalo Hunts

The water buffalo is a massive, powerful animal, with the widest horn span of any bovid.

Axis Deer

Next to the Red Stag, the Axis Deer is generally considered one of the most attractive of all wild deer.

Argentina Fallow Deer Hunting

Fallow Deer

Admired for their impressive antler, fallow deer bucks offer an impressive mount for any trophy hunter.

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