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Argentina Puma Hunting

Common Names:
Puma, Cougar, Catamount, Painter, Mountain Lion

The puma is a slender animal that has strong and very muscular limbs. The neck is comparatively and the body rather elongate. A puma’s hind legs are longer than its front, which elevates the rump and is believed to be an adaptation for jumping. A long heavy tail is used for the puma’s balance. The belly of a puma is whitish, and the upper lips, chin and throat are almost pure white. The sides of the muzzle are black, as is the tip of the tail. Even in the same area, coloration varies considerably. Red colors are predominant in the tropical regions. Darker animals are found in the forest of the north Pacific Coast. Very dark, and even black colors have been recorded in South and Central America. The physical appearance of pumas varies so much over its vast range that it has divided into 29 actual subspecies.


Argentina Puma Hunting Packages


Free Range Hunting Package

Estancia La Paloma Cordoba Argentina

Big Game Lodge –
Preserve Hunting Package

What: 5 Day Red Stag Hunt
Where:  Bahia Blanca, Argentina
Lodging: La Galesa

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