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Argentina Red Stag Hunting

The Red Stag was introduced into Argentina from Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. It was initially introduced into the Province of La Pampa, where it has done nothing short of “flourish.” It has since been introduced into the mountainous regions of the country.

Most of the year, the stags live separately from the hinds, but in March and April, when the hinds are in heat in the Southern Hemisphere, the stags and hinds get back together and then the “brama” begins, as it is called in Argentina, a term equivalent to “bellowing.” This sexual call consists of a pronounced, powerful and prolonged bellowing which can be heard in the dense woodlands or in the heights of the mountaintops.

A mature stag stands about four feet high at the shoulder, and weighs up to 300 pounds. The stag is famous for its proud bearing and magnificent antlers. The antlers are long, hard and spiky – and the head or trophy is referred to by the number of its points. In the winter, the stag’s coat is dark brown in color, possibly tinged with grey coloring. The hind’s coat tends to be somewhat lighter. In summer the coat of each sex is a rich, dark red and the stag grows a considerable mane. When the fawn is born it has a white spotted coat, which changes in five or six weeks to a dark brown, fluffy one.

We offer two different Red Stag Hunts in Argentina. One being a free ranging hunt and the second being a challenging hunt at a game preserve providing a 100% success rate.


Argentina Red Stag Hunting Packages


Free Range Hunting Packages

Estancia La Paloma Cordoba Argentina

Big Game Lodge –
Preserve Hunting Package

What: 5 Day Red Stag Hunt
Where:  Bahia Blanca, Argentina
Lodging: La Galesa

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If you are interested in hunting Red Stag in the United States, or other big game species such as Trophy Elk or Monster Whitetails, please see High Adventure Ranch.