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Argentina Water Buffalo Hunting

Water Buffalo HuntsThe Water Buffalo is a very large hoofed animal. It survives in the wild in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam and Thailand and is very widespread as a domestic animal in Asia, South America, North Africa and Europe.

The water buffalo is a massive, powerful animal, with the widest horn span of any bovid. Adults range in size from 1800 to 2600 pounds, although females typically weigh around 1650 pounds and males upwards of 2200 pounds. It is very dependant on the availability of water. Historically, its preferred habitats are low-lying grasslands and their surroundings. The Water Buffalo eats grass and leafy aquatic vegetation. It is a grazer, feeding in the morning and evenings and lying up in dense cover or submerging in wallows during midday. In addition to keeping it cool, wallowing helps to remove skin parasites, biting flies, and other pests. Where there is substantial human disturbance, the Water Buffalo becomes mostly nocturnal.


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