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Argentina Trout Fishing

The best trout fishing in Argentina is based around Patagonia and the Lake District, from San Martin and Junin de los Andes in the north, through Bariloche and down to Esquel in the south.

Brown (salmo trutta), rainbow (Oncorhynchus mykiss), brook (Salvelinas fontinalis) and lake (Salvelinus namaycush) trout abound, as does the Pacific Salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) in those rivers that flow eventually out through Chile to the Pacific. There are also land-locked salmon in some lakes, and sea trout (Salmo salar sebago) in the far south near Tierra del Fuego. All were introduced around the turn of the century.

Most Argentine fishing is done in large remote park areas, almost guaranteeing stream privacy. Rivers are extremely varied, with wading is available, as is floating or drifting on comfortable boats. Patagonia fish tend to prefer to lie in faster water, hence prospecting with dry flies can be very productive even when no trout are observed rising. The Rio Grand in the south is not a big river and can be fished with a variety of techniques. The sea-run browns are moody fish and must be shown the fly the way they want to see them, when they want to see them, day or night, for one to be taken.

Patagonia trout season usually opens mid November and runs through to the second or third week of April. Depending on the snowmelt, fisheries are usually in shape by early December and fish well through January, February and March. In the south the sea trout can start to ascend the Rio Grande as early as November, through December to April is considered the prime time.

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