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Bahia Blanca, Argentina Goose Hunts

Bahia Blanca offers some the finest goose hunting in the world. These hunts are known worldwide for the docility of these birds due to the “No Gun Pressure,” since there are no Argentinean geese hunters.

Bahia Blanca Province enjoys a moderate climate, with short, mild winters and long, hot summers. Extensive grasslands provide pasture for hundreds of thousands of cattle and wintering grounds for large numbers of geese. The goose season runs from early June through July, with July being the better month. The geese, being a real problem to Argentine crops, allow for fantastic hunts, converting this issue into a pleasant sport.  Goose species include Ashy Head (averaging about 4lbs.) and Magellan (averaging about 10-12 lbs).

Many clients have asked us to offer combined hunts where they can experience two of more types of wingshooting.  Our outfitter in Bahia Blanca can offer a combination of duck, geese, and even partridge hunts. You will be challenged by up to 8 different species of ducks, including widgeon, pintail and teal. By 10:30AM, you will have gone through 100 shells or more, after which it is back to the Estancia for lunch, a short nap, then out again for goose or perdiz in the afternoon, take your pick.


Argentina Duck & Goose Hunting Packages

Currently Closed

Package #1:

What: 3 Full Days Duck & Goose Hunting
Where: Bahia Blanca Province, Argentina
Lodging: La Lucia Lodge

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