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Goose, Duck, Bear, Moose, & Buffalo
Hunting in Canada

Canadian Geese – weighing in at a whopping 14 to even 16 pounds, with a wingspan of up to 5 feet! There are 10 different subspecies of Canadian geese (Branta Canadensis). With their characteristic grayish-brown coloring, black head, long black neck and white cheek patch, these large birds seem to have developed a high tolerance for people. These giant birds were at one point thought to be extinct, due to the destruction of wetlands and over harvesting, until a few remaining populations were discovered in the early 1960’s.  Today the giants have made quite a comeback.  These very vocal creatures can be heard flying in “V” formations across the skies throughout North America.

Northern Alberta flyways are second to none.  With generous per day limits hunters can harvest up to 28 Geese per day.  With limits like these, small group shoots of 100+ birds are not uncommon. We have a large variety of the most modern equipment to make each shoot as successful and comfortable as possible. Our hunters will encounter a variety of birds ranging from huge Canadians and sub-species to mallards, pintail, teal and other puddle ducks. Our bird hunts start at the beginning of September and run through October.

Alberta Canada is also famous for its large black bear population.  These bear typically weigh in around 300 to 400 pounds and are up to 6 feet long.  However, it is not uncommon to find much larger bear, some weighing in close to 500 pounds.

Our combo Goose / Duck / Bear package is for the hunter who wants to maximize his trip by hunting waterfowl in the morning and bear hunting in the late afternoon.  We hunt over bait or if bears are feeding in the oat fields, we can spot and stalk them at various times which making for an exciting hunt. You can for an additional fee of $500 take a second bear.  Most bear are taken at 25 yards, making a bow hunt the choice for most hunters; but rifles hunts are available. 

We also offer a very limited number of 6 day Moose packages out of our bush cabin during the last week of September and the 1st week of October when the Moose are in rut.  Or how about a combo Goose / Duck / Buffalo packages (Call for availability and pricing on these)

If you are an avid bird hunter and like lots of shooting, this is the hunt for you!

Alberta Canada Premier Hunting Packages:

Honker Haven Lodge is located four miles from La Crete, in Northern Alberta, Canada.   For the past 28 years, Honker Haven was a Private Estate serving only a few lucky sportsmen.  This premier destination is now open to the general public for a combination of Goose, Duck and Bear and or Buffalo hunts.

The Lodge is located on twenty-three groomed acres overlooking the Peace River, where the Canada Geese roost.  The surrounding acreage is farmland that is the first food source for thousands and thousands of Geese and Duck on their migration south.  The Geese and Duck coming into “Honker Haven” have not been hunted and respond well to our first class Canada Goose decoy layouts.  In most cases just a little calling will work wonders.  Hunters should expect excellent shooting during the morning hunt.

The “Best” reason for hunting Honker Haven is because all hunting is done in stand-up blinds.  Those of you who have experienced lay-down shooting know of the problems that these shooters experience such as misjudged distances, not able to see birds that come in from the rear and not being able to sit up fast enough when your hear “Take Em”!  Most instances if you were a bit slow, you never got off a shot.

Ducks, mostly Mallards and Pintail are ever present, but continue too increase in numbers on a daily basis based on the migration.  Naturally, Duck Decoys are included in with our Canadian Goose spread.  Snow Geese arrive somewhat later in the season with more and more arriving daily.  Speckle Belly’s arrive with the Canadian’s again more and more daily.  Speck’s are more wary, just their nature; while some decoy, most are taken when the opportunity present itself.  Daily limits on water fowl have been more that liberal with eight Canada’s, which include Speckle Belly’s; twenty Snow Geese and eight Ducks.

Season:  September 1, 2010 to October 31, 2010


3-day Goose & Duck Packages        $2,295.00  
3-day Combo Goose / Duck / Bear   $4,495.00      
3-day Bear Package $2,295.00      
5-day Goose & Duck Packages


6-day Moose Hunts        $5,500.00


  • Private lodging for up to 8 hunters
  • All your meals and open bar
  • Hunting license
  • Pickup & return at High Level or Ft. Vermilion Airport
  • Hunting Guide and all decoy’s placed daily
  • Stand up blinds
  • Shells – 12 ga to 3 ½”
  • Bird Cleaning
  • All Taxes

Not Included:

  • Canada gun permit $30.00 for 2 firearms
  • Tips
  • Gun Rental
  • Airfare

Also Available:

  • Combo Goose / Duck / Bear Hunts $6,000
  • Bear Hunts $3,500
  • Moose hunts $5,500
  • Buffalo Hunts from $2,000 to $3,000 which can also be done in combo with Goose and Duck

For more information on Duck Hunting in Canada and a FREE DVD, please call toll-free (877) 858-3481
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