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Gun Entry Requirements


Argentina Gun Entry Requirements

If you are traveling with guns, you will be required to have a gun permit issued by the Argentine Consulate here in the US prior to arriving in Argentina.  The cost of the permit is $40 per each person carrying at least one gun.  It may be obtained directly through the consulate or INTERNATIONAL ADVENTURE can assist you with this process - a $50 service fee applies. 

Upon arrival, guns must be declared and RENAR gun permit forms purchased at the International Airport in Argentina.  At the time of the gun control inspection, a $78 per gun entry fee must be paid to the National Police Authority.  All fees subject to change without notice. 

Maximum number of guns that can be brought into Argentina is (3) per hunter - and (2) is the suggested quantity.

INTERNATIONAL ADVENTURE will provide you with the paperwork and information necessary to deal with the Consulate responsible for your individual state or district.

And don’t forget….most of the Lodges have shotguns available for rent.  Call for pricing and model types.

Download Argentina Gun Requirement Form


Mexico Gun Entry Requirements

Shotgun Import is easy. You will need to provide the necessary gun information on the same application as the hunting license ($100 for 2 guns) and allow about 3 weeks for the paperwork. Also register the guns with U.S. Customs as with any oversees trip.

We suggest renting guns in Mexico for $35 a day. And don’t forget, we offer TOTAL packages, which include your hunting license, shells AND gun permit OR gun rental during your trip.

We have available Benelli Automatic Super Black Eagle Shotguns, Beretta Pintail 390 & 391 Automatics and Remington 870 Pumps in 12 & 20 guage. These guns are in good condition!


Canada Gun Entry Requirements

You must complete a Nonresident Firearms Declaration Form (JUS 909 EF) in advance or when crossing the border and also pay a $50 fee at the border, which is payable once for every 12 month period. The fee is waived for additional declarations required within that period.

You will receive a confirmation number, which will allow you to possess the firearm and obtain ammunition in Canada. Information on how to obtain the Possession and Acquisition License and forms can be obtained here or by calling (800) 731-4000.

Prior to leaving the U.S., you should register your firearm at a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) office on the CBP Form 4457. You will need this form to present to CBP upon your return to the U.S.

For more information about the gun entry requirements for Argentina, Canada and Mexico, please contact us.