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Hunting Adventures in Iceland

Argentina Dove Hunting

Big Game Hunting

Hunting species in Iceland include Artic Fox, Reindeer and Seals (Grey Seal and Common Seal). Our hunting club in Iceland is owned and operated by hunters. We have been hunting all possible game here for over 30 years.

Argentina Duck Hunting Goose Hunting

Goose Hunting is a fantastic experience in Iceland. Three different species of geese can be hunted here: Greylag goose, Pinkfooted goose and Barnacle goose. Hunting season is from August 20th until March 15th. The best period is September 20th through October 10th. There is no limit.

Argentina Goose Hunting Ptarmigan Hunting

We will be offering a new and exciting place in Iceland for Ptarmigan Hunting. This is a prime hunting area with a five star lodge, amidst beautiful and rugged mountain landscape. The days result for a Ptarmigan hunter can be anywhere from 5-25 birds per day. The best time to come is October 15th through November 15th.
Argentina Big Game Hunting

Seabird Hunting

Seabird (Puffin & Guillemot) hunting in Iceland is a very popular sport. Prime hunting season is from April 20th until May 10th. Hunting from a boat, 100 birds per day per hunter is not uncommon. Iceland is the only country in the world where you can hunt Puffins. There is no limit.

Based on the season, we can also combine wingshooting with your Big Game Safari.

For more information on Hunting Excursions in Iceland, please call Toll Free (877) 858-3481 or fill out our contact form.