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Artic Fox Hunts in Iceland

In Iceland, farmers consider arctic foxes as pests that threaten their sheep and ducks. They are medium-sized foxes that weigh between 6-10 pounds and average 43 inches. Life in the Arctic is difficult, and the arctic fox is wonderfully adapted to live in very cold climates. While many hibernate during the winter, the arctic fox does not. Its physical characteristics of superb insulation with fur and fat, combined with its stocky body shape enable it to conserve body heat. The arctic fox has a tremendous tolerance for cold – it only starts to shiver when temperatures reach -94 degrees Fahrenheit.


WHAT: Artic fox hunt (3 hunting nights)

  • $3850 for one hunter
  • $2950 for two hunters (price per person)

This varies depending on the place of hunting. Mostly in hunting lodges, but possibly also in hotels and guesthouses. Usually the guide or his assistant will do the cooking at the lodge. We will try to fulfill personal wishes of the hunters in regards to the menu. When possible, we will cook wild game of the season.

  • Visa, hunting license and weapons license
  • All transport in Iceland
  • One professional guide and a 4x4 vehicle / boat for every two or three hunters.
  • All equipment necessary during the hunt, except clothing & firearms
  • Full accommodations from arrival until departure
  • Ammunition
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Excess luggage charges on domestic flights
  • Packing & shipping of trophies
  • Extra days in Reykjavik
  • International flight
For more information or to book this package please call toll-free (877) 858-3481 or fill out our contact form.