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Bass Fishing – Lake Huites, Mexico

Located in the Mexican State of Sinaloa, Lake Huites is a great producer of quality largemouth bass. Found in western Mexico, and hidden among the mountainous landscape, is one of the most scenic lakes a bass fisherman will ever set his eyes on. The Mexican Government impounded Lake Huites in 1993, predominantly for agricultural purposes to provide a constant means of irrigation to the fertile fields and farmland. Damming the Chinipas and Fuertes rivers created the 18-mile long mountain lake. After the dam was finished, a subsequent stocking with a pure strain of Florida Largemouth Bass has yielded one of the best bass fisheries in the world.

Lake Huites begins each season at near or full pool, covering nearly 30,000 surface acres. However, to meet the demands of irrigation, the level of the lake slowly declines during the 8-month season to about half of its size.

Fishing Seasons at Lake Huites:

  • October – December: This is the time of the year when you catch a large number of fish. This is the best time for top-water action, as the bass are pushing the baitfish to the back of the coves now.

  • January – Beginning of February: GET READY. They are getting ready to spawn. This may not be the best time to catch large numbers of fish, but very well may be the best time of the year to catch “The One!”

  • Beginning to Mid February – End of March: The SPAWN is on!! Now is really the best time of the year to be here. You can catch large numbers of fish along with just very large fish.

  • April: Post-Spawn. This time has also proven to be a great time to catch large numbers of fish. The Big Ones are starting to move deeper now! Catch them shallow while you still can,

  • May – September: The fish are on their summer pattern now and you must adjust to catch them. Fish are caught deep and you are probably fishing slowly.


Lake Huites, Mexico Bass Fishing Packages

Package #1

What: 4 Night 3 Full Day Fishing Package – Arriving on Wednesday in Los Mochis, Mexico
Where: Lake Huites Lodge, Mexico

Package #2

What:5 Night 4 Full Day Fishing Package – Arriving on Tuesday in Los Mochis, Mexico
Where: Lake Huites Lodge, Mexico

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